Dermaplaning in Dyersburg TN



Exfoliate Your Skin with Dermaplaning in Dyersburg, TN

One of the current trends in skincare is Dermaplaning in Dyersburg, TN, which is the process of

exfoliating the skin using a surgical scalpel. The benefit of this treatment is soft, ultra-smooth skin and

an even complexion.

At Reverse Laser & Medical Aesthetics, we’ve found that Dermaplaning can be a great skincare

treatment, especially when combined with other available services. If you are ready to experience the

amazing benefits for yourself, then we invite you to contact us for a consultation.

Benefits of Dermaplaning in Dyersburg, TN

During the skincare appointment, a sterile scalpel is manually moved across the surface of the facial

skin. This process is a physical exfoliation that offers a gentle shave to remove the top layer of skin, dead

skin cells, and peach fuzz hair.

When the peach fuzz and dead skin cells are removed, it evens out the surface of the skin. Additionally,

this treatment can help with cell metabolism that speeds up regrowth and cell generation.

One of the greatest benefits of Dermaplaning in Dyersburg, TN is that it is a painless treatment that

requires minimal downtime. The goal is to stimulate the natural healing functions within the skin using a

gentle treatment. This skincare service is perfect for clients who have sensitive skin and don’t want the

long recovery time after other treatments.

Pairing Dermaplaning with Other Treatments

Dermaplaning in Dyersburg, TN can be done frequently, and it is often paired with other common

skincare treatments. For example, the skin can be Dermaplaned first, followed by microdermabrasion or

chemical peels to boost the penetration of the applied skincare products.

It is common for Dermaplaning in Dyersburg, TN to help with the reduction of scars and other skin

imperfections. Many people also find that their makeup application is smoother after a Dermaplaning


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